win Cam Audio have the expertise built up over decades of work with leading TV production companies.  We have a team of dedicated production specialists and with the resources to provide all of the equipment required to make sure your TV project is delivered on time and on budget.

We have worked with a large variety of TV genres including, celebrity talk shows music shows and everything in between.

Twin Cam Audio have been at the epicentre of events in Spain since the eighties.  Large events present no problem for us, with our experience in large tour and festivals we have the equipment for anything.  More importantly we have the people and expertise that you can rely on.
Major car launches, conferences, award ceremonies, exhibitions and road shows, all in a days work.

You can rest assured that your event or show is in safe hands with the Twin Cam Team wherever and whenever needed.

Good People Good Work

TV Corporate & Events

40 years of Unparalleled Audio Knowledge

Positive Solutions for all your Audio Demands

Our team has the skills and practical knowledge built up over years.