win Cam Audio have been supplying systems for concerts and tours for forty years. We have worked with the world’s leading artists including Andrea Bocelli, Radio Head, Van Morrison, and many more.  From the smallest club to the stadium tours Twin Cam have the expertise and resources to handle everything seamlessly .
Our team of professionals can advise on the ideal set-up and make sure everything goes to plan.  We can supply pretty well anything that is needed for a concert and tours from state of the art digital consoles to massive L-Acoustics PA systems.
Difficult riders present a challenge, we like challenges, so no problem.  Our experts work with you all the way so that we can design a system that will cope with the most challenging of situations.

Good People Good Work

Concerts & Tours

40 years of Unparalleled Audio Knowledge

Positive Solutions for all your Audio Demands

Our team has the skills and practical knowledge built up over years.